Google AdWords Marketing

AdWords ads are displayed along with search results when someone searches Google using one of your keywords. Ads appear under 'Sponsored links' in the side column of a search page, and may also appear in additional positions above the free search results. That way, you'll be advertising to an audience that's already interested in your business. We have had success in driving traffic and increasing sales significantly for one of our clients, Bluewave Uniforms.

The measure of success for any advertising program is whether it brings you profitable sales or meets your overall marketing and branding goals. We track the performance of your campaign to help you ensure the highest possible return on your advertising investment.

Our Google conversion tracking allows us to clearly identify the ads that bring you customers. Conversion tracking provides us with the number of conversions and the value per conversion that you receive from your advertising campaigns in your account statistics. For example, in the case of an E-commerce site, if a user clicks on your adwords link and completes an order, that order amount ($) is recorded in our system. We can then tell you exactly how much in sales that your Adwords campaign brought in. Therefore, we can also calculate your return on investment [ROI] by using your order revenues and advertising expenses for a given time period. Reviewing this information helps us determine the best budget and cost-per-click (CPC) bids for your advertising goals.

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Client Dropbox

We provide our clients with our own easy to use drop box that is the perfect solution for sending and receiving neccessary files. No more email limitations!

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Secure Ecommerce Processing

For your Ecommerce website we offer secure payment processing from and PayPal using SSL technology from GeoTrust.

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